BC government may have “approved” the Pacific Pipeline, but communities have not.

Council of Canadians Handbill

Proposed by the Apache Corporation, Encana Corporation, and EOG Resources (formerly Enron), the $1-billion pipeline would carry fracked natural gas from shale gas development near Summit Lake located 50 km north of Prince George, to a plant in Kitimat. There, the gas will be made into a liquid and put on supertankers that will have to navigate the precarious waters of the Douglas Channel to ship it out to Asian markets.

The BC government approved the pipeline’s expanded capacity
in April 2012 However the pipeline’s path goes through traditional unceded territories of communities that have not given consent to the project. The Unis’tot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation has been vocal about its opposition to the pipeline. Clan members have built a log cabin in its path. Allowing the pipeline to be constructed through this territory would ignore the sovereignty of First Nations and communities’ right to say “no.”

If this pipelin is built, it could also blaze a trail for other pipelines. Part of the route of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline follows the same path as the Pacific Trails Pipeline. If the route is clearcut and becomes accessible to industry, it will be
easier for companies like Enbridge and others looking to build tar sands pipelines to Kitimat.

If approved, the Pacific Trails pipeline would be a major step backwards i the fight against climate change. There is a growing movement i Canada against hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it is more commonly known. Fracking for shale gas is an
extremely energy and water-intensive process that produces substantial greenhouse gas emissions. While the industry attempts to sell fracking as a “green transition fuel,” Robert
Howarth, an ecologist from Cornell University, says it clearly is not. “Shale gas is worse than conventional gas, and is, in fact, worse than coal and worse than oil,” he stated.

Take action today by saying “No Pipelines, No Tankers!”


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