Accessibility/Safer Spaces

We recognize that there are many barriers for folks seeking to participate in movements of resistance and events such as the Teach-In.  We as an organizing committee or committed to alleviating these barriers.
In order to do this we are:
  • Providing bus tickets
  • Providing on-site childcare
  • Providing meals through out the day (please indicate any dietary requirements in our registration form)
  • The space is wheelchair accessible as are the washrooms
  • Ensuring gender inclusive washrooms
  • Can provide ASL translation and/or transcribing if needed
  • We will have a quiet rest space
  • We will have VIPIRG Safer Spaces committee volunteers in attendance whom people can go to if any issues should arise

Please let us know what we are missing or if you have needs that we are not yet meeting.

Safer Spaces
The organizers of the Decolonization Teach-In actively strives to create a safer space and an accessible space. We aim to avoid replicating the barriers in society that exclude and marginalize people.  This requires everyone in attendance to take responsiblity for this.

The dynamics of hierarchy, power and privilege that exist within society are also found among us. People participating in Teach-In workshops are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour, and to think about whether it might be oppressive to others. This Teach-In is no space for violence, racism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sizism, or touching another person without consent.

We must rely on each other to call each other out and ensure that our words and actions create a space that is safer for all folks.  If someone addresses your behavior as being oppressive or making them feel unsafe please respect that and their needs.

Sometimes we say or do something that is hurtful to others, we all make mistakes, so listen and hear others when they let you know what you did was not okay.  Respect their experience and reflect on what they say.  Making mistakes is okay; being called out is an opportunity to learn.

We are still learning too and so we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement and will do our best to implement them.


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