Additional Resources

Additional Information and Resources

Articles (Academic, Blogposts, and others):

Adam Barker, “An Open Letter to My Settler People” (Transcript and Video).

Andrea Smith, “Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy”.

Beenash Jafri, “Privilege vs. Complicity: People of Colour and Settler Colonialism”.

Eric Ritskes, “The Terms of Engagement with Indigenous Nationhood”.

Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, “Decolonization is not a Metaphor”.

Glen Coulthard, “#IdleNoMore in Historical Context”.

Glen Coulthard, “Place against Empire: Understanding Indigenous Anti-Colonialism”.

Glen Coulthard, “Subjects of Empire: Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Recognition in Colonial Contexts”.

Harsha Walia, “Decolonizing Together: Moving Beyond a Politics of Solidarity toward a Practice of Decolonization”.

Leanne Simpson, “Looking after Gdoo-naaganinaa: Precolonial Nishnaabeg Diplomatic and Treaty Relationships”.

Leanne Simpson and Naomi Klein, “Dancing the World into Being: A Conversation with Idle No More’s Leanne Simpson”.

Nick Montgomery, “From the Indian Problem to the Settler Problem: reactionaries, multiculturalists and decolonization”.

Scott L Morgensen, “Unsettling Settler Desires”.

Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, “#IdleNoMore: Settler Responsibility for Relationship”.

Taiaiake Alfred and Jeff Corntassel, “Being Indigenous: Resurgences against Contemporary Colonialism”.

Taiaiake Alfred, “Colonialism and State Dependency”.

Taiaiake Alfred, “Restitution is the Real Pathway to Justice for Indigenous Peoples”.

Taiaiake Alfred, “What is Radical Imagination? Indigenous Struggles in Canada”.

Waziyatawin, “Understanding Colonizer Status”.

Websites and Blogs:

âpihtawikosisân: “law, language, life: A Plains Cree speaking Métis woman in Montreal”

Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education, and Society

Unsettling America

Unsettling Minnesota: Reflections and Resources for Deconstructing Colonial Mentality

Warrior Publications: To promote warrior culture, fighting spirit, and resistance movements

Project Pipeline: Art and Information

BC Blackout: Social War Against Industrial Expansion

Oilsands Truth: Shut down the Tar Sands


The Oil Drum: Discussions about Energy and “our” future..

Invest Northwest BC -current and proposed projects



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