The Pacific Trails Pipelines

Trans-Alaska Pipeline - Atigun Pass

There are currently no export terminals on the west coast of Canada for natural gas. Though natural gas development in British Columbia is projected to rapidly increase. The Liberal Government and petrolium industry have already approved 5 liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants in Kitimat and Prince Ruppert. The Pacific Trails Pipelines (PTP) is the first approved pipeline to transport ‘fracked’ natural gas from northeastern British Columbia to the future LNG termianals for export. The Pacific Trails Pipelines project will literally carve the path to Kitimat, in which numerous pipelines may also follow, including the Enbridge Pipeline. Clearing the right of way for this project not only entails cutting into forests and constructing new roads, but also will include the construction of a massive tunnel through Mount Nimbus. The construction of the Pacific Trails Pipeleines is seen by some as an initial step to the construction of the Northern Gateway, but will most certainly establish the future of natural gas exports and the subsequent expansion of fracking in British Columbia.


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